Diabetes advocate launches foundation

Diabetes advocate launches foundation

Dr. Biljana and Phil Southerland

Photo by: Team Novo Nordisk

Phil Southerland (BSA ’05) launched the Team Type 1 Foundation on Nov. 14, World Diabetes Day. The nonprofit aims to address disparities in diabetes care around the world. The Foundation’s first U.S. initiative is a scholarship program for NCAA athletes with Type 1 diabetes. Up to seven scholarships of $5,000 each will be awarded to help student-athletes and their families offset the cost of diabetes care. The program is modeled on Macedonia’s national diabetes program developed by Southerland’s wife, Dr. Biljana Southerland, who serves as program director, medical and governmental affairs, for the Team Type 1 Foundation. Phil Southerland is co-founder and CEO of Team Novo Nordisk (formerly Team Type 1), a global sports organization home to more than 100 endurance athletes with diabetes, spearheaded by the world’s first all-diabetes pro cycling team. The cycling team’s goal is to reach the Tour de France by 2021, the 100th anniversary of the invention of insulin. For more information, visit http://www.teamtype1.org.