Why I give


“I was interested in building up and strengthening programs in education,” he said. “When I graduated from the University of Georgia, the programs for teachers were almost nonexistent. Over the years they have become very strong. As an alumnus, I am giving back what it gave me.”

Stan Singleton (ABEd ’32, MA ’36), UGA professor emeritus of education


At age 103, Singleton is one of UGA’s oldest and most consistent donors, having contributed money to the university for 44 consecutive years. Singleton retired in 1978 after 41 years of teaching at UGA. He spent the last nine years of his career directing the in-service teaching program that he helped develop. A Double Dawg, he also holds a Ph.D. from Ohio State University and served in the Navy during World War II. His wife of 58 years, Margaret Slaton Singleton (AB ’34), died in 1997. He has two children, Betsy Singleton Fussell (M ’64) and Stanton Singleton Jr. (AB ’69, JD ’72).


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