Organic chemistry? There’s even an app for that


Organic chemistry students have a new resource thanks to an app created by a UGA professor and a high school student who was part of the Young Dawgs summer research program.

Associate Professor Jason Locklin and North Oconee High School junior Chuanbo Pan created the app, the “Organic Chemistry II Survival Guide,” which provides easy-to-navigate notes for organic chemistry students and is based on three binders full of Locklin’s teaching materials and notes.

Pan worked with Locklin over the summer using hundreds of pages of notes to diagram more than 200 chemical reactions into a format that could be used in the application. Pan included a feature that allows students to draw out chemical reactions themselves, like they would on a sheet of paper, giving them another way to better learn the information. Students can also flag reactions for further review and add text notes.

The Young Dawgs program brings high school students to campus during the summer to study with UGA researchers.

The app is $3.99 for the iPhone and $4.99 for the iPad.


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