Photo by: Paul Efland

More than 100 Dekalb County fifth graders explored the UGA campus in December, touring Sanford Stadium and Stegeman Coliseum as part of a fall math project that involved SEC football scores. Teacher Scarlett Childers had her students track the wins and losses of five teams—UGA, Louisiana State University and the universities of South Carolina, Alabama and Florida—to practice their skills with fractions, decimals, rounding, graphing and other math concepts. During their visit to UGA, the students met wide receiver Chris Conley, who stressed the importance of education. “People are going to use what you do in the classroom to see what kind of person you are,” Conley told them. “There are so many opportunities to reach goals you set in your life, but college and higher education are big ones.” The students will continue to follow the SEC teams through basketball and baseball seasons as they build their math skills.