Honorary Dawg

Honorary Dawg

Photo by: Nat Gurley/The Times

Charlie Peterson is not a UGA grad—he’s a lifelong fan of the Crimson Tide—but for one day in May, he became a diehard Bulldog. Peterson, warden of the North Georgia Detention Center in Gainesville, made a deal with his employees. If they raised $3,000 and registered 30 people for Relay for Life (a fundraiser to fight cancer), he promised to sing the UGA fight song on the roof of the center. They met the challenge nearly three months before the deadline, and Peterson kept his word. Decked out in UGA gear and sporting a “G” on each cheek, he took to the roof with a bullhorn and sang the Georgia fight song every hour on the hour for most of a day. “I actually believe I’m the winner, because I raised $3,000 for charity,” he told The Times. “I had a lot of fun on the roof.”