Undergraduate research up


More undergraduate students than ever before are taking advantage of UGA’s Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities.

Fall enrollment in the program was up by 20 percent over the previous semester with 234 students.The number of non-Honors Program students participating has more than doubled from last fall, from 28 to 69 students.

The CURO courses offer undergraduates the opportunity to do one-on-one research with faculty mentors. Courses range from research projects on the effects of music on male aggression to range shifts in alligator populations due to changes in sea level.

CURO has gateway seminars, research courses, summer fellowships and presentation and publishing opportunities. Students conduct guided research in labs, write papers and even work up to running their own projects and writing a thesis on their findings—all typically at a level equivalent to what a graduate student might do.

CURO students are writing computer code, studying Chinese investments in U.S. companies, analyzing water samples from the North Pacific, conducting interviews with immigrant populations and tagging songbirds.

There’s not only more student interest, but more faculty interest in mentoring undergraduates. This fall, 172 faculty members are teaching CURO courses—30 more than last year.

Learn more about the CURO program at http://curo.uga.edu.