Aimee Copeland


Aimee Copeland (BS ’10), the 25-year-old who lost both of her hands, her right foot and her left leg to necrotizing fasciitis—a rare, “flesh-eating,” bacterial infection—after a zip line accident in May 2012, has made great strides learning to adjust both emotionally and physically to her new life. In June she welcomed a new companion, a 1-year-old Labradoodle service dog named Belle. Trained by Psychiatric Service Dog Academy and Registry, for which Copeland is now a spokesperson, Belle will help with a multitude of tasks such as turning on and off light switches and knowing when to bring Copeland her medication. “I’m so excited to have that new addition and that new help because my life is so much more difficult than it used to be—I am constantly dropping things,” Copeland says. “And plus, just having a companion around makes such a difference emotionally.” —Alex Crevar (AB ’93)