Glucose monitors for pets


Glucose monitoring devices are now available from the Veterinary Teaching Hospital to helps owners of cats and dogs with diabetes monitor their pet’s response to insulin.

The iPro continuous glucose monitoring devices, commonly used for human patients with diabetes, will improve the level of care that the veterinarians at the hospital provide their patients.

According to the State of Pet Health Report 2012 released by Banfield Pet Hospital, the prevalence of pet obesity has risen 37 percent for dogs and 90 percent for cats since 2007. Diabetes, a common result of obesity in pets as well as humans, is diagnosed in 42 percent of overweight dogs and 40 percent of overweight cats. Signs of diabetes in dogs or cats include animals that drink, urinate, eat and sleep more. They also will show signs of tiredness and have a decreased exercise tolerance.

The monitor features a small disposable sensor, which is inserted under the animal’s skin to read blood glucose levels. Once the sensor is in place it is attached to a small recorder to collect data. The device records blood glucose readings every five minutes. After the sensor has been in place for a few days it is removed and mailed back to the hospital for doctors to analyze the data and recommend changes in medication levels if needed.