Murder, she wrote


Millionaire Dr. Black has been murdered, and the person who can solve the mystery of his death is someone on the UGA campus—with an iPhone. That’s the basis for an interactive game of “Clue” created by graduate student Caity Johnson, who is studying dramatic media. The game, played on an iPhone, began last fall as a class project to deliver multimedia and content directly to individuals on mobile devices. Johnson used the online software ARIS to put a new spin on one of her favorite childhood games. “I have always loved Clue because when I was a kid at our family game nights we would always play Clue and have a blast,” she said. “So when I first got this [assignment] I was like ‘That’s perfect!’” “Clue” is a murder-mystery game in which players collect clues to determine who murdered the game’s victim. The characters are spread out on campus, and players have to go “talk to them” by traveling to the location on the map ARIS displays. Players visit places like the Fine Arts Building, the Hull Street parking deck and the Miller Learning Center during the game. In all, Johnson estimates the game takes one to two hours to complete, with some of the scenarios taking less time. To play, visit the Apple App Store and download the ARIS application. After being launched, the application will ask users to create an account and then search for nearby games. If on campus, Johnson’s “Clue” game will come up as one of the options and users can select it to begin solving the mystery behind Dr. Black’s murder.