Summer at the circus

Summer at the circus

Tesi Saker (right) a third year student majoring in advertising and art, participated in Summer at the Circus at The Creative Circus in Atlanta. During the four week sessions, students from the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication learned about advertising strategy and selling their ideas, creative writing and copywriting, layout and design, digital trends in marketing and communication, and tools for brand building, among other things.

Photo by: Courtney Rosen

Students in advertising and public relations spent part of their summer honing their skills through a partnership between the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication and The Creative Circus in Atlanta, a two-year, accredited portfolio school that offers courses on how to think creatively in the advertising, illustration, interactive development, graphic design and photography industries.

Through this first-time collaboration, called “Summer at the Circus,” Grady students had the opportunity to earn up to six upper-level elective credits while taking courses from UGA through the Atlanta portfolio school. Classes taught strategic problem solving, campaign visioning and development, typography, art direction, copywriting, packaging, graphic design, presentation and other skills vital to the communications industry.

Students received mentoring and industry feedback on their work and learned how to build a professional portfolio. Get more at