Reminisce about the days of old

Reminisce about the days of old


UGA received a blast from the past when an alumnus from the 1970s donated memorabilia from concerts staged on the university campus.

Charles J. Henkin (BBA ’79) decided to give his collection of posters, T-shirts and flyers to UGA Libraries after reading an article from the March 2010 issue of Georgia Magazine ( about the music scene in Athens, which featured a photo of a band poster he knew well.

“I saw the poster for Boston’s 1979 concert and names I knew in the article and remembered everything I had kept,” Henkin says. “I’d had the posters in a trunk for 30-something years.”

Henkin dug up the collection and had it appraised.

“I … found out they were worth a lot, but I thought the university would benefit more,” he says.

The New York native’s ties to the university are deeper than his management degree and attendance of the concerts; he was part of the concert division of the University Union three years of his undergrad.

“I saw a concert at the coliseum and thought it was awesome,” he says. “Then one day I saw a door hanger on my dorm door promoting the University Union and it started from there.”

At that time, the union took applications for spots on the events committee and selected 20 people to participate. The group was responsible for reviewing and choosing music and entertainment acts currently on tour, calculating the costs of bringing them to campus, creating the agreement contracts, promoting events and managing ticket sales. The annual budget was about $60,000 but varied from year to year.

Jimmy Buffett, Dolly Parton, Boston, Heart and the Village People, among others, performed at either Memorial Hall or Stegeman Coliseum. There were numerous small concerts throughout the academic year, and a big one each semester.

“We tried to be as diversified as possible,” Henkin says. “It was a different scene back then, but the shows were very popular, depending on the band.”

The collection, which also includes posters from university sporting events, matchbooks, decals and creations by artist Jack Davis (M ’52), is housed in the Richard B. Russell Building Special Collections Libraries.