Eyes on the sky


For people living in Athens, chances are most of their weather updates come from a television station in Atlanta. Forecasters there tend to focus more on the major cities, and smaller towns can get lost in the shuffle. Even with the explosion of online and mobile weather applications, it’s often hard to find detailed weather analysis in more rural areas.

That’s what inspired Matt Daniel, a UGA undergraduate in atmospheric sciences, to create the hyper-local weather blog athensgaweather.com. With his colleague Jared Rackley, who’s also studying atmospheric sciences at UGA, Daniel provides free, up-to-the-minute weather forecasts and updates online for residents in Clarke and surrounding counties.

Daniel and Rackley have covered a number of major weather events, from the crippling drought that has raged in some parts of Georgia for more than a year to the January 2011 snowstorm that broke the record in Athens for the most snowfall over a 24-hour period. But their blog isn’t limited to severe weather. Every day, Daniel and Rackley create detailed forecasts for their local readers, telling them when to bring their umbrellas to work or bundle up for an unexpected cold snap.

For more information on their forecasts, see athensgaweather.com.