Time to shine

Active alumnus coaches individuals and delivers motivational speeches

Time to shine

Stella Bailey

Photo by: Dorothy Kozlowski

During her undergraduate days at UGA, Stella Bailey (BSHE ’69, MHE ’71) stayed busy with campus organizations, among them helping new students become oriented to the Athens campus.

Following graduation, she used those leadership skills as well as her education in home economics to launch a career providing customer service seminars and etiquette classes. Today, her business is in life coaching and motivational speaking.

“I refer to myself as a communications coach,” she says. “I had always wanted to be a motivational speaker.”

Her speech topics include “Positive Parenting,” “The Best Time is Now” and “You Were Born to Shine,” which Bailey delivered to the Georgia Women of Achievement, an organization dedicated to honoring important women in Georgia’s history. Her goal is to teach people to have a positive approach to life, and to value their talents and use their own skills to achieve success.

“Whatever your age is today, I want you to go home and make a list of your talents and your gifts, and then put them to use—as a student, in your professional life and in your volunteer work,” Bailey told the Georgia Women of Achievement as the keynote speaker for the group’s 2012 induction luncheon. “Let your talents help you accomplish your dreams. What would the Georgia Women of Achievement, our stars, say to us today? They would tell us to develop our God-given talents, to follow our dreams and to surround ourselves with positive, affirming people. I think they… would shout in unison, ‘women of Georgia, you were born to shine.’”

After her career’s early start, Bailey moved into individual coaching for self-confidence, public speaking and interview skills. Now, after 20 years, Bailey has been a positive influence for many.

“One of the most successful stories involved my coaching of a client who was hearing impaired,” she says. “He had a degree in library science, and I was able to help him get a job as a librarian.”

She also recalls a UGA function when she was approached by a former client, now a UGA professor, who told Bailey that she had influenced his decision to complete his Ph.D.

“When I can work with clients and see their growth, I’m like any other coach: proud and pleased.”

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