Top 10 Bulldog Businesses 2013

The 2013 fastest-growing Bulldog businesses


The Bulldog 100, a signature event of the UGA Alumni Association since 2010, recognizes the 100 fastest-growing businesses owned or operated by UGA alumni. Companies must have a UGA alumnus as CEO, president or managing partner, or an alumnus who owns more than 50 percent of the business. Companies must have been in business for five years, have minimum verifiable revenues of $100,000 for the first of the three calendar years of business measured and must operate in a manner consistent with the university’s “Pillars of the Arch” character statement. Nominations are open each January. For the full list of Bulldog 100 companies and more information on the program go to

1: Hitson Land and Timber Management Inc.

Port Orange, Fl

Greg Hitson (BSFR ’94)

Established in 1997, Hitson Land and Timber Management Inc. is a full-service forestry consulting and land management firm that helps landowners maximize profits from their natural resources while protecting the recreational use and beauty of the forests. Hitson also was the top fastest-growing Bulldog business in 2010.








2: Mom Corps

Atlanta, Ga

Allison O’Kelly (BBA ’94)

Mom Corps is a staffing company for flexible employment. O’Kelly founded the company in 2005 in an effort to draw more women back into the executive work force. O’Kelly and Mom Corps won the 2006 Working Mother magazine Entrepreneur Mom Award and the 2007 UGA Terry College of Business Outstanding Young Alumni Award.












3: Sovereign Systems

Norcross, Ga

George Barkley (BBA ’94) Matt Cadogan (BBA ’96) Michael Hunsucker (BBA ’91)

Sovereign Systems was founded in December of 2007 by a team of tenured business and IT professionals. The company is founded on the principle of providing industry-leading technical and consulting resources to manufacturers and end users. In 2012 Sovereign Systems was named one of the Best Places to Work by the Atlanta Business Chronicle.





















4: The Leaders Lyceum

Atlanta, Ga

Keith Eigel (MS ’95, PhD ’98)

The Leaders Lyceum creates unique learning environments to accelerate the development of leaders. The company’s application-driven approach meets individual leaders where they are and helps move them closer to where they need to be, leveraging relevant experiences both inside and outside of work to accelerate development of the whole person.













5: jobTopia

Alpharetta, Ga

Anthony Moore (BBA ’93)

A startup venture in 2007, jobTopia delivers information technology and accounting/finance contract staffing, staff augmentation and executive search services. The company’s revenue has increased by 100 percent for three consecutive years, and jobTopia was the 2012 fastest-growing Bulldog business.













6: EvoShield

Bogart, Ga

Bob Pinckney (BBA ’82)

EvoShield was established in 2005 by a group of UGA alumni interested in creating protective athletic gear from a revolutionary material. EvoShield now officially outfits all Major League Baseball teams, hundreds of college and NFL teams and is branching out to other areas of athletics. EvoShield was the 2011 fastest-growing Bulldog business.













7: Athens Fitness & MMA

Athens, Ga

Adam Singer (BSBE ’98, MS ’07) Rory Singer (BSBE ’99)

The Singer Brothers have trained together since 1987, practicing martial arts including taekwondo, kanzen goju ryu karate and aiki jiu jitsu, among others. Later they added boxing, muay thai kickboxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu. In 1997 they began training students at the Ramsey Student Center. Two years later they founded Athens Fitness & MMA/The Hardcore Gym, the first mixed martial arts gym in Athens. Both men have been inducted into the Georgia Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Adam and Rory Singer







8: Stadion Money Management

Watkinsville, Ga

Tim Chapman (M ’82)

Since 1991, Stadion Money Management has managed clients’ investments for long-term goals like retirement, education and family legacy. The company offers separate account management services, proprietary mutual funds and retirement account investment advisory services. Stadion Money Management this spring will sponsor the Stadion Classic golf tournament at the UGA Golf Course for the fourth consecutive year.










9: Social and Dish Boutiques

Statesboro, Ga

Laura Lanier (AB ’00)

Social and Dish are sister boutiques in Statesboro, Ga. Social, in the Market District, has a classic, preppy vibe, specializing in modern takes on staples like blazers, tailored shorts, shift dresses and denim. Dish, in Woodlands Square, is more eclectic, with items like beat-up cowboy boots and vintage-inspired skirts and dresses.













10: Needle Solutions

Johns Creek, Ga

Joshua Needle (BBA ’99)

Needle Solutions is a wireless network design company that helps companies provide wireless Internet access in any environment and provides ongoing analysis, monitoring and troubleshooting support to its clients.



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