State high court comes to campus

State high court comes to campus

Photo by: Andrew Davis Tucker

Members of the Supreme Court of Georgia met on the UGA campus in January to hear oral arguments on a criminal death penalty case and a civil medical malpractice case. The university visit was a rare meeting outside the State Judicial Building in Atlanta. It was the fourth time since 1993 that the court has held oral arguments at the Georgia School of Law. Cases included Edenfield v. State (death penalty) and Shekhawat et al. v. Jones et al. (medical malpractice). In Edenfield, David Homer Edenfield is appealing the murder conviction and death sentence he received for the 2007 killing of 6-year-old Christopher Barrios Jr. in Glynn County. In Shekhawat, two physicians with the Medical College of Georgia are appealing a Georgia Court of Appeals decision that found they were not entitled to sovereign immunity in the face of a lawsuit brought by the parents of an infant they treated who suffered a lifetime disability.