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Photo shot by Andrew Davis Tucker at the UGA Police Department, with assistance from UGA and Athens-Clarke County police.

Brian Williams

Associate professor of public administration in the School of Public and International Affairs

A.B., political science, University of Georgia, M.P.A., University of Georgia, Ph.D., public administration, University of Georgia

“I started looking at this whole notion of community policing and how, in theory, it seemed to be a viable option to address some problems facing local law enforcement. But then I reflected upon my personal experience, my background being African-American and I started thinking about, well, to bring that theory into practice what might be some of the challenges? And when you think about civil rights and policing and [negative encounters with] the African American community you kind of really see some of the challenges. I saw that as an opportunity to serve as a bridge builder, to use my research to inform [and connect] public organizations, i.e. local law enforcement, [and] communities. Both are major entities involved in the co-production of public safety and public order.”

—Brian Williams on how he became interested in research on community policing, racial profiling and issues facing minority officers in law enforcement.