First person


The First Person Project, a new oral history series documenting the experiences of everyday Georgians, was launched in October. Created by the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, the project is modeled roughly on StoryCorps, a national initiative partnered with National Public Radio and the Library of Congress. The First Person Project is smaller in scale but similar in concept, providing tools to would-be oral history interviewers and interviewees, including tips on how to create questions and conduct interviews.

“The project was inspired by the belief that everyone is an eyewitness to history and that everyone, sometimes with a little encouragement, has a story to tell,” said Craig Breaden, who initiated the program as head of the media and oral history unit in the Russell Library.

The Russell Library will archive the interviews to add to its documentation of life in post-20th century Georgia and provide participants with a free digital download of the recording and photographs.

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