A happy, healthy lifestyle

A happy, healthy lifestyle

Linda Kamm

At UGA Linda Kamm (ABJ ’78) could be found managing the men’s wrestling team. Now her time is spent managing Happy and Healthy Products, the company she created 21 years ago.

Kamm says she started watching her calorie consumption and becoming more health conscious after college. She initially took a job in sales and ended up working for a food company.

“I worked with a competitor, and I thought if I could come out with my own product and market it my own way then it would be very successful,” she says.

That led her to the creation of Happy and Healthy, which offers its Fruitfull Frozen Fruit bar in 24 flavors, hand-dipped chocolate bars, trail mixes and a gluten-free line. The company is different from most frozen fruit bar companies, Kamm says, in that it targets women because they are the biggest consumers of frozen fruit bars nationally. Happy and Healthy also has a strong presence on college campuses, since students often are in a hurry and need to grab something on the go.

Happy and Healthy has franchisees in 25 states, as well as Hong Kong and England. The company is a certified women’s business enterprise and was ranked on Franchise Business Review’s top 30 food franchises list for 2011.