The Ride to Save Lives

The Ride to Save Lives

Board members for the Ovarian Cycle are, from left, Carla Dunn (AB ‘95, ABJ ‘95), Bethany Diamond (BSHE ‘81), Melissa Northrop (ABJ ‘03) and Ellen Fruchtman (ABJ ‘81).

When Bethany Diamond (BSHE ’81) founded the nonprofit organization Ovarian Cycle in 2004 she had a simple goal in mind—to raise money for the development of a test for the accurate diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Diamond was motivated to found the organization with her Sigma Delta Tau sorority sister, Ellen Fruchtman (ABJ ’81), after they lost their childhood friend, Debbie Green Flamm, to the disease a year earlier.

Since then Ovarian Cycle has raised over $1 million for ovarian cancer research through its signature indoor cycling events. The Atlanta Ride to Change the Future is a six-hour ride and has a training protocol preceding the event.

“It is indoors so it’s very easy for many kinds of people to participate whether they’re undergoing treatment or whether they’ve never considered riding a bike before,” Diamond says. “Because it is indoors, it is not based on weather and can happen anywhere in the country.”

The program now is in five cities in addition to Atlanta: New York, Birmingham, Dallas, Seattle and Tallahassee. The New York event, called Ready. Set. Ride! is only one hour.

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 21,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year in the United States—15,000 of them die.

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