Flag returns safely home

Flag returns safely home

Georgia National Guardsmen with the 201st Regional Support Group’s Agribusiness Development Team hoist a UGA flag over their base in Logar Province, Afghanistan.

Photo by: Special

Georgia National Guardsmen, who trained with the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences last year, returned to campus this summer to present the UGA flag they flew over their barracks in Afghanistan. The university had given the flag to the guardsmen when they completed their training last year. The flag was signed by 55 members of the 201st Agribusiness Development Team, including four UGA graduates: Gary Church (BSFR ’94), Carmen Benson (BSA ’09), George McCommon (DVM ’90, BSA ’95) and Catherine Tait (EdD ’04). While at UGA, the team learned about agriculture-related topics such as irrigation, crop production, pest management, soils assessment, livestock management and food storage. The team was the first of three to be sent to Afghanistan from Georgia to increase agricultural education. CAES trained the second team, which is currently deployed, in November 2011. The third team will train at UGA Tifton in September.