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Photo shot on location at the UGA Marine Sciences Center swimming pool by Peter Frey

“A lot of the cultural changes have to do with self-esteem and putting the self at the center of things. People say, ‘Be creative, express yourself.’ When did creativity start having to do with self-expression? Was the light bulb self-expression? Was Copernicus self-expression? Maybe the Mona Lisa was self-expression, Freud wrote about that. But generally we kind of put the self in the midst of a lot of things. We’ve seen that in education and parenting. And then you add consumer culture. You know, nobody ever made money from humility.”

—Keith Campbell on the evolution he’s witnessed in narcissism since he began researching the topic some 15 years ago.

W. Keith Campbell

Professor and Head of the Department of Psychology in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

B.A., psychology, University of California, Berkeley

M.A., psychology, San Diego State University

Ph.D., psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Creative Research Medal, 2010

Psi Chi Undergraduate Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2006 and 2004