Why I Give

Why I Give

Rebekah Stewart with her beagles, Buster (left) and Little Bit.

Photo by: Special

“I give because I want the best care possible should I darken [my veterinarian’s] door with an ailing or injured beagle in my arms.”

—Rebekah Stewart

One of Rebekah Stewart’s beloved beagles, Buster, was the catalyst for her gift to the ophthalmology department at the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Medical Learning Center. When Buster lost his sight, she brought the dog from her home in Clarkesville, about 50 miles from Athens, to the UGA campus for treatment. Living in the mountains of North Georgia can mean a long ride for animal owners looking for emergency veterinary care, Stewart notes. But for her, the main goal is to provide the resources that will further enhance the high quality of rural veterinary medical care.


Want to give? Go to http://www.externalaffairs.uga.edu/os/makegift.