John O’Looney

John O’Looney

Photo by: Andrew Davis Tucker

“I kind of like to see what the future could be and how good things could be—little things like, in Amsterdam they give you a number so you don’t have to stand in line… when you’re going to get a train ticket. I have a personal dislike of busy work, of hassles and transaction costs that make me want to eliminate those for everyone in the state of Georgia. Because I’m a Georgian too.”

— John O’Looney on what he finds satisfying about his job streamlining human service operations and developing e-government systems to be more efficient for Georgia residents.

John O’Looney

Senior Public Service Associate, Carl Vinson Institute of Government

B.A., psychology and philosophy, Yale University

M.A., English, University of Georgia

Ed.S., language education, University of Georgia

Ed.D, language education, University of Georgia

Ph.D., political science, University of Georgia