Drive-By Truckers film accompanies band’s latest album


Eddie Whelan (BFA ’09), Jason Thrasher (BFA ’99), Patterson Hood

Photo by: Jessica Schramm

Jason Thrasher (BFA ’99) recently filmed “The Go-Go Boots Episodes,” a companion piece for the Drive-By Truckers’ new album, “Go-Go Boots.” The record was released in February, but Thrasher posted the film online in a series of short segments a few months prior to the album release.

“It’s more of a companion to the record than a documentary,” Thrasher says. “It’s not a story about the band; it’s more of the band telling stories about their songs.”

Thrasher and his wife run a local business called Thrasher Photo & Design, and until now he has worked almost exclusively in photography. But when his friend and Drive-By Truckers lead singer Patterson Hood asked if Thrasher would be interested in a film, he immediately jumped on board.

“He handed me the whole screenplay with all his ideas, and I just kind of came in and took it from there,” Thrasher says. “We figured it out as we went along.”

The film includes eight episodes in which the musicians reflect on their song writing processes and their time spent in the recording studio. Thrasher interspersed the episodes with black-and-white live performances as well as private acoustic sessions.

Over a period of 12 weeks, he filmed segments in the musicians’ homes, their studio and the Farmington Depot Gallery. He teamed up with Hood and web designer Eddie Whelan (BFA ’09) to edit the footage, post episodes online and compile it on a DVD for special album packages.

“The three of us hope to do more film stuff in the future,” Thrasher says. “We’re very pleased with the flow of the DVD, and we all have a lot of ideas that came up while filming.”

To view the episodes go to http://www.drivebytruckers.com/episodes.html.