Cooking with friends

Cooking with friends

Randy Dudley, Patrick Stubbers, Eddie Russell, Matt Palmerlee, Damien Schaefer and Nancy Lind strike a pose on the front porch of the Pulaski Street home where they serve their meals.

When the dinner bell rings, the guests stop talking and look toward the kitchen. What’s the next culinary delight headed their way? Trotters? Gravlax? Whelk? It all depends on what was fresh from the market that day and what creative spin The Four Coursemen put on it.

“You never know what you’re going to eat,” says Nancy Lind, the sommelier for the quartet of cooks, who come together twice a month to experiment with food and enthrall their guests. “And you never know what you’re going to drink. It’s the whole experience. ”

For about three hours Lind, along with Damien Schaefer (BFA ’02), Randy Dudley (AB ’97), Patrick Stubbers, Eddie Russell, and Matt Palmerlee, walk diners through a feast of fresh vegetables, seafood, pork, beef, fruit and pastry. They’ve spent the past day shopping for ingredients and figuring out how best to prepare them for the five-course meal. Lind pairs each dish with a beverage that best complements its flavor.

The underground supper club began a few years ago when Schaefer and Dudley, designers who met at UGA, began cooking together as a hobby at Schaefer ’s house. Over time they were joined by Stubbers, from The Grit; Russell, from Five & Ten; Palmerlee, from Farm 255; and Lind, a local wine distributor and former wine buyer for Five Points Bottle Shop. When a friend offered to rent them a shotgun house on Pulaski Street to hold the meals, they opened the dinners to the public.

The group lost its secrecy last November when it was featured in an hour-long show on the Cooking Channel. In March the show was nominated for a James Beard Award in the Broadcast Media Award category for best television special or documentary.