Audrey Haynes


“I always wanted to work in a campaign so that was really my goal, to actually be someone who went out there and worked in the field with my public relations major and political science minor. I thought I would go in and develop some of those ads and campaigns and do some of the survey work — just all of it. Then once I started to get involved in campaigns I realized I didn’t have thick skin and the hours were terrible and some of the people, well, they were really passionate. And I found I was passionate, but I was a bit more analytical and a bit more oriented toward understanding the why and the how and the creative part and not so much going to steal the yard signs of the opponent.”

— Audrey Haynes, on how her interest in politics, piqued by political science courses at UGA as an undergraduate, led her to an academic career studying candidates’ communication strategies and the way the news media cover elections.

Audrey Haynes

Associate professor of political science

Graduate coordinator, Department of Political Science

ABJ, public relations, University of Georgia

M.A., political science, University of Georgia

Ph.D., political science, The Ohio State University

School of Public and International Affairs Teaching Award, 2010

Senior Teaching Fellow, 2009

Richard B. Russell Award for Undergraduate Teaching, 2006