José Blanco

José Blanco

Photo by: Andrew Davis Tucker

Assistant professor and Historic Costume Collection manager, College of Family and Consumer Sciences

B.A., dramatic arts, Universidad de Costa Rica

M.A., theater arts, California State University, Los Angeles

Ph.D., theater, Florida State University Teacher of the Year, Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors, and the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, 2008

"You spend all this time pretending to be something else. That also relates to how I discovered clothing and costumes. The easiest way to transform yourself into somebody else is by putting on something. That’s what I love about clothing and dress. You just put on something and you’re different.”

—José Blanco on how his preoccupation with pretend play during his childhood in Costa Rica led to his interest in theater and later historic costumes.

Photo shot on location by Andrew Davis Tucker at the UGA photography studio.