Bullish on Bulldogs


Kelley Hollowell with a Citadel cadet and General, nephew of UGA V and Citadel mascot, at the 2010 Bully Ball.  Special Photo

“I first fell in love with a bulldog when I was a student here and Uga was on the back of a car during the homecoming parade. I actually ran up and touched him. And I just fell in love with the breed,” says Kelley Hollowell (BSEd ’91).  The owner of two bulldogs—both adopted from a rescue group in Florida—Hollowell was surprised to learn there was little support for the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue from UGA alumni. So a few years ago she and Lauriel Leonard (BFA ’91), began planning fundraising events for the organization.  In February, they threw the first Bully Ball, a dinner and auction attended by well-known alumni including former football players and former football announcer Loran Smith (ABJ ’62), who served as honorary chairman. It raised over $38,000 for the rescue group in Georgia and for two bulldog rescue groups in Florida.  The money is used to care for bulldogs that are given to the organizations by owners who no longer want or can care for them. Often they are sick with respiratory issues and skin conditions. Hollowell thinks people aren’t aware how many bulldogs are abandoned.  “They think because they’re so expensive, that they’re all sleeping on the couch all day long, being treated and pampered,” she says. ”But that’s not the case.” The Georgia English Bulldog Rescue fosters about 20 dogs at any given time. Volunteers care for the dogs until permanent homes can be found. In September, Hollowell extended her reach, organizing a Wine, Dine and Dawgs fundraiser to benefit the GEBR and the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine, where many of the rescue dogs are treated.

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Georgia English Bulldog Rescue: http://georgiaenglishbulldogrescue.org