State Pharmacists to Train at UGA


The College of Pharmacy will provide disaster preparation training required of all licensed pharmacists in the state. The three-hour course, mandated by the State Board of Pharmacy, is part of licensed pharmacists 30-hour continuing education requirement.    As of this fall, fewer than half of the 13,000 pharmacists in Georgia had completed the training, which includes guidelines to be used during emergencies—such as a swine flu epidemic— for filling prescriptions, issuing antibiotics and giving vaccinations.    The training course developed at UGA defines the role of pharmacists in each type of disaster and enables them to identify and address threats that could occur in their practice areas. The training compares methods of mass vaccination and mass dispensing of prophylaxis and treatment, and provides instruction for planning and operating a mass vaccination clinic. The continuing education program leads pharmacists through the process of preparing for, planning for and responding to disasters on local, state and national levels. For more information on the course and to register, go to