A Facelift for New College


A detail of a small Lamar period pot that was discovered under New College during renovations. Photo by Andrew Davis Tucker

New College, one of the oldest buildings on campus, is finally living up to its name. It was rededicated in August, after an extensive renovation to return the building—which mostly houses offices—to its 1875 appearance. The building now has a scored stucco exterior, era-appropriate windows and a sealed-seam metal roof. The interior was renovated to better suit the use of the building, which includes a classroom intended to bring more students onto North Campus. New College will also have a display of relics that were found under the building during renovation, including a handmade spoon, wrought iron nails, blown-glass bottles, glazed cookware, an instrument that resembles a modern fire poker and a pottery bowl dating from Georgia’s late prehistoric Lamar period.