Hill Takes Green Cup


Tyra Byers, the School of Ecology sustainability coordinator, presents a free fluorescent lightbulb, courtesy of Georgia Power, to freshman Jamila Davis during the Green Cup Challenge Pool Party in September. Photo by Dorothy Kozlowski

Hill Hall took top prize in the 2010 Green Cup challenge, an energy reduction competition between residence halls in the Hill Community. Hill won by a mere five points over the other contenders, including Boggs, Church, Lipscomb, Mell and Oglethorpe halls. Points were based on a formula that calculated a numeric value based on energy and water savings, recycling and waste audits and event attendance. In the final week, Hill Hall was averaging just 22 gallons of water per student. To put that in perspective, the average American uses 100 gallons per day. Also in the final week, Lipscomb Hall’s energy usage was down 40 percent from the previous year’s average. The competition took place between Sept. 13 and Oct. 10, culminating in a final celebration on Oct. 11. The Green Cup was sponsored by the UGA Parents and Families Foundation, UGA Office of Sustainability, UGA Housing and the Ecofocus Film Festival.