Andrew J. Herod

Andrew J. Herod

Photo shot on location at the UGA Geography Building by Peter Frey.

Professor, geography, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Adjunct professor, international affairs, School of Public and   International Affairs

Adjunct professor, anthropology, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Director, Paris Study Abroad Program

B.Soc.Sci. in geography, University of Bristol, England

M.A. in geography, West Virginia University

Ph.D. in geography, Rutgers University William A. Owens Creative Research Award, Georgia Research Foundation, 2009

Athens-Clarke County Board of Commissioners, 2007-present

“I grew up just outside London so literally one way I looked you could look right into London and turn 180 degrees the other way and you’re looking at the countryside. I was always interested in looking at the landscape, particularly the farmers’ fields, and thinking about all the people that had farmed that land from the iron age farmers to the Romans to the Saxons to medieval peasants to 19th century agricultural laborers and all of them had had an impact on physically shaping the landscape. But a lot of them were, in terms of their names and faces, really lost to history. I thought it was kind of interesting to think about all the people who had an impact on shaping that landscape but are really forgotten to history.”

—Andrew Herod on how his childhood in Britain influenced his decision to study and teach geography.