Letter from the UGA Alumni Assciation president


Vic Sullivan

There are many great things about autumn in Athens including football season, the cooler weather, and getting together with friends at a place that’s special in our hearts. Even if our return to Athens is only through a radio or television broadcast on a Saturday afternoon, for that brief time we’re “back” in Athens, and there’s something mighty nice about that.

There’s an undeniable bond between kindred spirits, and such a bond is strong between those who love the Dawgs. We wish we could be out on the field or court with our teams, helping them strive for success.

As Georgia graduates, we take pride in every success that comes the way of our alma mater, both academic and athletic. As a matter of fact, during Bulldog football games we recognize special faculty who are doing incredible things.

If the Law School’s moot court team does well, we’re proud; when our nanotechnology researchers discover something new, we’re glad it was our researchers and not someone else’s.

With our fundraising efforts we are able to support more students through scholarships or bring in the best professors. We like that too, and we should because this is an area where we all can be part of the team.  

The University of Georgia is fortunate to have in place the vehicles that will allow our graduates the opportunity to come together as a team in an effort to pool our resources for the ongoing improvement and development of our alma mater.

The financial support of those of us who love UGA will prove to be the difference-maker in the long run when it comes to propelling our university ahead of the competition. It also will provide immediate benefits to our students and faculty along the way.

To this end, your Alumni Association is on the team. All of your annual gifts to support the Association are part of the University’s Annual Fund, which, in addition to supporting alumni and student services, may also provide you some tax advantages.

Everything UGA does is a team effort, whether it’s success in athletics or seeing a student graduate who might not have without your support. As Bulldogs, we take great pride in both, and your Alumni Association would like to thank you for helping our Bulldogs—in every endeavor—always be champions.

—Vic Sullivan (BBA ’80), president, UGA Alumni Association