Tim Conley

Tim Conley

Photo by: Jason Thrasher


Timi Conley was born in August 1967—the Summer of Love—and had a happy childhood except for the time when he was stung by a bee at the age of 5 and almost died. Ten years later he formed his first band, Disposable Dog Tails. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a degree in art, Conley helped create the band Fuzzy Sprouts, which eventually brought him to Athens. The Sprouts broke up in 2001, but Conley stayed busy with Aqualove and other bands including Kite to the Moon. In 2009 he released “Nerd Sexy,” a solo album. Stylistically, Conley mixes his experiences playing funky original party music with his schooling of Beatles and Bowie, then adds un-hinged Hendrix-like guitar noise and modern production. The result is a genre-bending work with echoes of a hundred different personalities. With few exceptions, Conley wrote and performed every track, and all instruments, adding to the manic multi-dimensionality of the tracks. “Te Amo (Gold Tooff)” is the second track on “Nerd Sexy.”

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