The Agenda

The Agenda

Photo by: Mike White

The firecracker assault of four angry young men raised on garage and punk, hellbent on bringing the party and making all the young girls swoon! It’s rock ’n’ roll, not rocket science! Tracing their debut to an infamously raucous Athens house party in early 2002, The Agenda includes Ryan Lewis (guitar), Dan Keller (keyboard), Justin Robinson (vocals) and Mat Lewis (drums). “I Want The Panic!” appears on their 2002 debut album, “Start the Panic!,” a clamorous collection of punk and garage rock tunes. Each of the 11 songs on the album is appropriately punctuated with an exclamation point, and the band even purports a deliberately over-the-top manifesto, declaring, “We live for the moment!... We combat the boredom the only way we know how, with the power of young lust and rock ’n’ roll!...We are the arrogant hooligans of chaos and disorder with the sonic boom of electric guitars!”