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Sursievision entertain their audiences with a dynamic, energetic, soul-shaking sound. Described as “Athens’ next break-out band” (Rock 100.7 FM), sursievision plans to be just that. Emotive vocals, atmospheric keys, funky bass, tribal drumming, and a tight horn section all complement each other in this captivating live experience. Crowds are inspired by their genre-blending sound; sursievision combines aspects of funk, soul, R&B, electronica, and has hints of reggae and Latin influences. The members are Star Scott (vocals), Shannon Sausser (drums), Drew Marler (bass) and Eddie Glikin (percussion). Frequent guests include Joel Byron (guitar), Dan Roth (keys), Luke Powell (sax, bari-sax, flute), Mark Milby (trumpet) and Elijah Carter (sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, didge).