Spring Tigers

Spring Tigers

Photo by: Daniel Fell


“You’re no longer welcome here!” Just like that, Kris Barratt (lead vocals, guitar and the soapbox) was a man without a home, or so we assume (“I can’t tell you why, but I can’t go back, I’ll be kneecapped”). We still don’t know why Kris was sent to Athens from the Mother Country, but we’re not complaining. He wasn’t there long before he met a bunch of like-minded transients who share a common love of both kinds of music: Brit and Pop. Stephen James (keyboards and spiritual atheist) and Shane Davis (guitars, hair and romance) moved to Athens in 2000 and have played in punk bands together since their freshman year in college. Chase Prince (drums and medicine) and Eli Barnard (bass and the party) were growing up together in the hardcore scene down in Jacksonville, Fla. The rhythm section grew up together, and the melody section grew up together. How perfect is that!? Spring Tigers’ self-titled, debut mini-EP was released in October.