Gone too soon

Gone too soon


Photo by: Danny White

Bulldogs fans felt the blow in mid-November when Uga VII, who had been the team mascot for less than two seasons, died unexpectedly. The four-year-old white English bulldog, officially named “Loran’s Best,” had been with the team since Aug. 30, 2008, when he made his debut at the start of the UGA-South Carolina home opener. The line of Ugas goes back to 1956 when the first white English bulldog—a wedding present to Sonny and Cecilia Seiler—was photographed at the Bulldogs season opener against Florida State. Since then, the Seiler family has bred Uga often enough to preserve the lineage so that a descendant of the original mascot is always on the sidelines. Uga VIII will be introduced prior to the 2010 football season.