Living green


A new East Campus residence hall scheduled to open this fall for non-first-year students will have a technologically advanced living space that incorporates eco-friendly programs into everyday life for a complete “Living Green” experience.

UGA is seeking LEED certification for the building once construction is completed. Promotion of community connectivity, physical activity and pollution reduction will help reinforce the “Living Green” practices of the new building.

Features that incorporate green technology include in-room temperature controls; high-efficiency sinks, showers and toilets that allow a significant savings per year in water; treated gray water recycled from sinks and showers for use in toilets; low-emitting VOCs in paint, carpet, coatings, sealants and adhesives that reduce contaminants affecting indoor air quality; and double-paned, low-energy windows that help rooms maintain constant temperatures.

Ten percent of the materials used to construct the residence hall are made of recycled content. The exterior of the building features a cool roof and concrete sidewalks which reflect light. Drought-resistant landscaping and runoff water are used to replenish underground water sources.

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