Fostering future bulldogs

Fostering future bulldogs

Three- and four-year-olds at the McPhaul Child Development Lab pay close attention as UGA President Michael F. Adams reads to them.

Photo by: Andrew Davis Tucker

Three- and four-year-olds at the McPhaul Child Development Laboratory got a special treat in January when UGA President Michael F. Adams dropped in to read two books, Boom Chicka Rock by John Archambault and Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come by Nancy Carlson.

The reading was part of an event sponsored by the Ferst Foundation to celebrate its 10 years of providing free books to Georgia preschoolers. During December and January the foundation videotaped Georgia company CEOs and organization presidents, like Adams, reading a favorite book to children. The videos were posted on YouTube from Feb. 8 to 12. Viewers were asked to cast votes for the best reader on the Ferst Foundation Web site.

While Adams didn’t win—the title went to Georgia State University President Mark Becker—he was a hit with the kids in head teacher Phillip Baumgarner’s class.

“I’m going to kindergarten!” one little boy announced as Adams read the first pages of the book about a mouse named Henry, who is preparing for his first day of school. “I’m going to kindergarten,” added another.

“My brother’s in kindergarten,” said a third.

Adams, no stranger to comments from the peanut gallery, assured them that they all would be in kindergarten before too long. “And before your parents know it,” he said, “you’ll be here with us at the University of Georgia.”

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