Gregory Broughton


Associate professor, voice

Hugh Hodgson School of Music

B.S. in Music Education, University of Tennessee

Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts, University of Michigan

Senior Faculty Teaching Fellow, 2004

Photo shot on location at UGA’s Hugh Hodgson Performing Arts Center by Andrew Davis Tucker

“I tell my students here at Georgia, the ones who want to be performers, that they must be a cut above, and they must seek to be so well-informed that they can educate from the stage rather than just simply entertain. The music ed majors I work with at Georgia, I tell them they must be a cut above the stage performer because they are shaping the minds of young people for the future. And they are training and cultivating the minds of the audience for the entertainer.”

—Tenor Gregory Broughton, who also directs the African American Choral Ensemble at UGA