Why I Give

Why I  Give

Saunders Jones Jr.

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"I was a member of the UGA Redcoat Band all four years. There, I met my future spouse, Vicki Carlton (Jones), a Georgette. I learned how to play jazz in the UGA Jazz Ensemble from Roger Dancz. I am forever indebted to the university music program, Roger, Steve, and Phyllis Dancz, and the Redcoat Band for the changes that occurred in my life at UGA. My giving to promote jazz at the Hodgson School of Music is one small way in which I can give back to the university that so richly rewarded me during my tenure there with not only a great education, but a lifelong gift of music."

Dr. Saunders Jones Jr. (BS ’75)

After graduating from UGA with a degree in chemistry, Jones went on to attend the Medical College of Georgia to become an orthopedic surgeon. Over the past five years, gifts from Jones, who is a descendant of the Hodgson family, and his wife have paid for new equipment for jazz classes and performance groups including a vocal ensemble, the Jazz Combos, the UGA Jazz Band and Classic City Jazz. They’ve also provided computer equipment that allows individualized instruction in desktop production, film scoring and other areas that contribute to success in commercial music. With their support the school has brought in visiting artists to work with students in jazz saxophone, guitar and bass and has established a Jazz Studies Abroad program. Jones, who retired from practicing medicine, lives in Cartersville and is an assistant professor at Kennesaw State University. He continues to enjoy playing in and directing several local jazz ensembles.