Message from the UGA Alumni Association President


Vic Sullivan

Recently I was chatting with a good friend of mine, Dr. Chip Moree (BS ’74), of Albany. When talking about UGA, he was thinking about the beauty of our campus, our outstanding academic reputation, the success of our athletic teams, and the many other wonderful aspects of the University when he chuckled and said, “We have an embarrassment of riches.” Well, with the budget issues, rarely these days do we talk about riches, and nothing about UGA makes me embarrassed, but his sentiments have merit when you consider the good fortune with which UGA has been blessed.

Looking forward, the future is bright for UGA as it prepares future generations of Georgia graduates to lead our state and region.

Have you walked around campus lately? The trend toward creating more green space has expanded the beauty of campus well beyond Old College. You’ll also see new buildings and venues that have carried the best of our architecture throughout campus. The new Pharmacy South building, Tate Center Expansion, Lamar Dodd School of Art, and the in-progress addition to Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall are among recent projects that are adding to the vibrancy of campus.

To those who recognized that our young people needed a great educational opportunity right here in Georgia, we will always be grateful. UGA is an economic engine for our state as graduates have a high likelihood of starting and running businesses nearby. It is an investment in our future that will continue to be among our best.

As alumni of UGA we have to keep in mind that much of what makes our university a special place is because of the graduates and friends who were willing to reach out and help make it better. The future of UGA depends on similar efforts, and your ongoing support of the school and your Alumni Association is a big part of that.

An embarrassment of riches? Well, if you think about the many blessings of being a Bulldog, I think Chip has it right. During this holiday season, let’s count our blessings and support the things that mean the most to us. Your Alumni Association thanks you for including your university on that list and wishes you and your family the very best.

—Vic Sullivan (BBA ’80), President, UGA Alumni Association