Why I give


Wayne Kimberly. Special Photo

“At UGA, individuals with handicaps can have all of the experiences—educationally, socially and emotionally—that are a part of being a bulldog. This is not necessarily true elsewhere. I was able to completely enjoy and be part of the Georgia experience and as a result, I received a good education, a good job, retirement I can enjoy and made great friends for life. This is all because of UGA.” —Wayne Milton Kimberly (AB ’72)

Born with cerebral palsy, Wayne Kimberly was a special needs student at UGA before the existence of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which now provides access and assistance to enable disabled students to complete their college studies. Thanks to assistance and support from roommates and friends he was able to earn his degree, participate in campus activities and go on to have a successful 30-year career with Gracewood State Hospital in Augusta. He has created a legacy gift to the university, which will benefit UGA Disability Services and provide unrestricted funds to benefit all students.