Mel Garber

Mel Garber

Photographed on location at the UGA Horticulture Farm in Oconee County.

Photo by: Nancy Evelyn


Archway Partnership director, B.S. in horticulture, University of Louisiana-Lafayette. Ph.D. in floriculture and ornamental horticulture, Cornell University

"Archway has given me access to a broader clientele in the state and more of the colleges on campus. Previously I was in one college, but now I get to work with all of the colleges, centers and institutes and am in the early stages of working with other universities. I have a greater insight into the needs of the communities throughout Georgia and a greater appreciation for the value of what higher education has to bring to address those needs and opportunities.”

—Mel Garber on the success of the Archway Partnership, a program that empowers residents of Georgia communities to address their own economic development needs by tapping into resources at UGA. For more on the project, go to