It’s so easy being green

It’s so easy being green

Ecology Club/GoGreen Alliance members recycle cans and bottles after the UGA homecoming game against Vanderbilt.

Photo by: Beth Newman

UGA recently received the Spirit of Green Award from the Georgia Recycling Coalition for its outstanding and well-established institutional recycling program.

Students have been engaged in recycling through the GoGreen Alliance, which was formed to offer opportunities for all environmental student organizations and groups at UGA to collaborate, coordinate, unify and collectively strengthen their individual efforts.

Recycling opportunities can be found across campus, with paper and bottle/can bins located in each of the 380 buildings on the main campus and in several outside areas.

The university recycles about 1,000 tons of mixed paper, cardboard, bottles and cans each year. The Automotive Center recycles tires, fuel filters, oil and antifreeze from the 1,650 vehicles serviced within the UGA fleet. UGA Food Services feeds 30,000 people each day, recycling .6 tons of cooking oil each month. UGA also recycles pallets, scrap metal, batteries, toner/inkjet cartridges and cell phones.