Carter adviser, alumnus dies

Carter adviser, alumnus dies

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Hamilton Jordan (AB ’67) died May 20 after a long battle with cancer. He was 63.

The political strategist, businessman and author had close ties to the University of Georgia as an alumnus, an employee and a member of the distinguished McWhorter family whose UGA legacy spans many generations.

Jordan orchestrated Jimmy Carter’s 1977 presidential campaign and served as Carter’s White House chief of staff. After Carter left the presidency, Jordan was an investor and board member for a number of businesses, including several in the medical and biotechnical field. He headed a professional tennis league and wrote books about the Iranian hostage crisis and his battle with cancer. In 2005, almost 40 years after graduating with a degree in political science, he returned to UGA as an adjunct faculty member in the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, where he was working on a book about the Carter presidency based on Carter’s personal White House diaries.

In April of this year, the UGA Alumni Association honored Jordan with the Alumni Merit Award, which recognizes graduates and matriculates for lifetime loyalty and support of the association as well as professional leadership.