Cyber cliques

flip flops

A search of Facebook, the social networking web site geared mainly toward college students, shows more than 500 groups affiliated with UGA. Some include names of campus people, such as “The Conrad Fink Fan Club,” a reference to a popular journalism professor, or “I love Sandra the Snelling Dining Hall Lady.” Most are more general.

Here are some of the more popular UGA groups on the Facebook site:

  • Chances are I like my dog better than you (332 members)
  • Guys and Girls Against Ugg Boots (284 members)
  • I Wish I Went To Hogwarts (208 members)
  • South Campus by Choice, and Proud of It! (197 members)
  • Finish Your Drink...there are Sober Kids in India (86 members)
  • Hey J. Michael Floyd, move the apples back to the cereal area (80 members)
    —Floyd is UGA food services director.
  • I wear flip flops every day…even when it snows (57 members)

And of course:

  • Auburn University: Every Kid’s Back-up School Since 1856 (1,312 members)