Extreme makeover

Extreme makeover

Welder and Fabricator Dean Isaacs polishes the University of Georgia's Chapel Bell in the shops at The Verdin Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. The bell was sandblasted to remove the patina from the bell and then polished to restore the original color of the bell.

Photo by: Andrew Davis Tucker

The Chapel Bell got a makeover this summer while workers refurbished the tower and mechanism that holds the bell. The work was necessary because fans gave it a vigorous workout following last year’s victory over Florida, causing the 700-pound bronze bell to fall a few feet onto a wooden platform that kept it from reaching the ground. Quick repairs allowed the bell to ring for the rest of the football season, but more extensive work was needed to ensure long-term security. While the structure was being renovated the 173-year-old bell was sent to Cincinnati, where cleaning and reconditioning restored its original silver finish. The refurbished bell was expected to be reinstalled in time for UGA’s first football game on Aug. 30.