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Mary Burnet Fradier (AB ’32) of Paris, France, died March 21. Rachel Taylor Green (ABEd ’33) of Jacksonville, Fla., died June 4. Catherine Pierce Lancaster (BSEd ’34) of Chamblee died March 26.


Earl H. Cheek (BSA ’37, MEd ’51) of Perry died May 28. June Whitehead Monson (BSHE ’37) of Orange Beach, Ala., died March 7. Glenn Gray Burch (BSA ’38) of Dallas died May 12. Elizabeth Mathis Cheatham (ABEd ’38) of Encinitas, Calif., died April 27. Sarafrances Boyd Strickland (BSEd ’39) of Trion died June 13.


Vivian Huff (ABEd ’40) of Lander, Wyo., died June 8. Joel Jordan Arrendale (M ’41) of Charleston, S.C., died May 3. Lafayette Woodrow “Woody” Cone (BSA ’41, JD ’49) of Colbert died May 1. Beth J. Herzog (ABJ ’41) of Atlanta died May 22. Glenn Lamar Lewis (BSC ’41) of Athens died April 22. Edith Townshend Fugitt Nunnally (BSHE ’41) of Monroe died June 16. Lewis Lafayette Spence (BSA ’41) of Americus died May 25. Mary Frances Atkinson (M ’42) of LaGrange died June 13. Frank L. Belyeu Jr. (AB ’42) of Oviedo, Fla., died Sept. 11, 2011. Marion Bennett Duncan (MS ’42) of Athens died June 4. Thomas Mayes (BSA ’42) of Clearwater, Fla., died June 15. Edwina Roles Covington (M ’43) of Camilla died June 14. Edmund Clyde Martin Sr. (BSA ’43, MEd ’51, EdD ’64) of Atlanta died May 22. Spence Hook Hallman (BSA ’44) of Boston, Ga., died June 9.


Ouida McCoy Ayers (BS ’45) of Winston-Salem, N.C., died June 11. J. Harold Harrison (M ’45) of Bartow died June 2. Joyce Ingram Keller (BSHE ’45) of Thomasville died April 19. Sidney Samuel Thomas (BBA ’46, MAJ ’50) of Athens died May 1. Earl V. Tidwell Jr. (BFA ’46) of Snellville died June 3. Conder “Connie” Lewis Tucker (AB ’46) of Fort Myers, Fla., died May 30. Jere Walton Clark (BBA ’47, MA ’49) of Marietta died June 6. J. Clay Flanders Sr. (BSA ’47) of Macon died June 13. Daisy Lane Andrews Smith (M ’47) of Atlanta died May 18. James Walter Bedingfield (BS ’48, MS ’50) of Columbus died June 1. James William Brannen (BSA ’48) of Sylvania died June 1. Eva Brunner (M ’48) of Tucker died April 24. Mary Ann Buxton (BSEd ’48) of Greenville, S.C., died May 5. Merl Douglas (BBA ’48) of Glen Ellyn, Ill., died Nov. 16. John David Evans Sr. (BSEd ’48) of White Springs, Fla., died June 2. C. Greene Garner (BBA ’48) of Atlanta died May 30. Annette M. Parr (BSEd ’48, MEd ’75) of Columbia, S.C., died May 24. James W. Stone (BSA ’48) of Bainbridge died June 7. Harry F. Wright Sr. (BS ’48, MS ’51) of Elberton died May 20. Miles Mason Barber Jr. (BBA ’49) of Sunset Beach, N.C., died June 6. Samuel Mack Baxter (BSA ’49) of Glennville died April 21. Claud L. Brown (BSF ’49, MS ’55) of Watkinsville died May 27. Charlotte Mabry Creel (M ’49) of Duluth died May 23. Merle Wade Matthews (M ’49) of Atmore, Ala., died Oct. 9. Russell Griffin McRae (BFA ’49, MFA ’54) of Thomasville died June 17, 2011. Gordon Mumford Rainey Jr. (AB ’49) of Jacksonville, Fla., died June 6. H.E. Steele Jr. (BBA ’49) of Naples, Fla., died March 2.


Margaret Birk (MEd ’50) of Corte Madera, Calif., died May 18. William “Bill” Edmondson (BBA ’50) of Lilburn died May 7. William Barton George (BBA ’50) of Atlanta died June 3. Nathaniel W. “Nat” Hill (BS ’50) of Oak Ridge, Tenn., died April 19. Louise McDaniel Horne (M ’50) of Kingsport, Tenn., died June 2. Robert Carlton Kemp (BSPh ’50) of Weaverville, N.C., died June 12. John Ray Newton (M ’50) of Millen died May 1. Evelyn Myrtice Booth Vonier (AB ’50) of Pavo died Jan. 4. Marion Hill Young (BSA ’50) of Rebecca died May 20. Thomas Lloyd “Tom” Broaddrick (BS ’51) of Tiger died May 13. Betty Jean Cochran (BSEd ’51) of Cartersville died June 3. Sally Moorefield Cooledge (BFA ’51) of Atlanta died May 13. Henry Grady Harry (M ’51) of Augusta died June 1. Sara Jean Agnew King (M ’51) of Howell, Mich., died June 6. Georgia Ann Snell (BSNE ’51) of Appling died June 5. F. Woodson “Woody” Briscoe (M ’52) of Cartersville died June 5. Mary Lynne Lee Collins (BFA ’52) of Marietta died May 16. Rupert Seymour Heller (BSPh ’52) of Savannah died June 8. Donald Edward O’Neal (BBA ’52) of Hoschton died April 30. Jerome “Jerry” Saul (BBA ’52) of Augusta died April 21. Blondine Hemphill Sewell (BSEd ’52, MEd ’56) of Toccoa died May 5. Fred Weyman Steedley (BSPh ’52) of Duluth died April 15. Charles Strong Jr. (M ’52) of Gainesville died April 19. James Franklin Miller (BSA ’53, MS ’62, PhD ’67) of Watkinsville died April 27. Thomas Preston Peel (BSAE ’53) of Camilla died May 22. Mary Thompson Street (BSEd ’53) of Melbourne Beach, Fla., died April 20. Edwin Eugene Arnold (BSEd ’54) of Macon died May 5. Otis L. Bonner (BBA ’54) of Melbourne, Fla., died April 26. Wayne Eugene “Gene” Britton Sr. (ABJ ’54) of Athens died April 22. David B. Cook (LLB ’54) of St. Simons Island died June 11. Terrell Buford Cook (M ’54) of McRae died May 3. Beverly Bargeron Goodwin (BSEd ’54, MEd ’59) of Carrollton died June 3.


Martha K. Wilson Buffkin (BSEd ’55) of Panama City, Fla., died June 13. Ronald Clements (BSA ’55) of Watkinsville died May 5. Charles J. Slay Jr. (BSAE ’55) of Gainesville died June 7. William Charles Fowler (BSEd ’56) of Athens died May 11. James Clinton “Jim” Hall (LLB ’56) of Albany died May 22. Kathleen Lynette McQueen (AB ’56) of Folkston died May 17. Joyce S. Robinson (BSEd ’56) of Bainbridge died April 23. James Samuel “Sam” Brown (BSA ’57) of Dawson died June 2. Carolyn Lynch Burnette (BSEd ’57) of Stone Mountain died June 14. Carol F. Douglas (BSEd ’57) of Alpharetta died May 7. Frederick Barrow Hand Jr. (BBA ’57, LLB ’59) of Pelham died June 17. Elizabeth Ruth Poorman Michael (M ’58) of Montgomery, Ala., died May 16. Henry Cabaniss (BSAE ’59) of Maxeys died June 1. Sidney Jack Hall (BBA ’59) of Jacksonville, Fla., died May 25. William “Bill” Harold Harvey (BBA ’59) of Cumming died April 20. Glenda Ingram Morton (BSEd ’59) of Cairo died Oct. 10. James Roy “Jim” Perkins (BSEd ’59, MEd ’74) of Hull died May 16. Roy Fernell Tanner (ABJ ’59, MA ’63) of Columbus died May 29.


Mary Pharr (AB ’60) of Monticello died May 10. J. Leroy Smith (BSEd ’60) of Lithia Springs died April 22. Linda Rhodes McLanahan Coven (BSEd ’61) of Kingsport, Tenn., died April 19. Emily Jane Mann Davidson (ABJ ’61) of McRae died May 25. Foster Lee Evans Jr. (LLB ’61, AB ’62) of Smyrna died June 9. Austin V. Lowery (BSPh ’61) of Lyman, S.C., died Jan. 12. Andrew Thomas McRae (BS ’61) of St. Simons Island died May 10. Dorothy Dalton Paine Youngblood (BBA ’61) of Roundup, Mont., died March 10. William “Bill” A. Carr (MEd ’62) of Spartanburg, S.C., died May 14. Fred Easa Farah Sr. (BBA ’62) of Jacksonville, Fla., died May 13. Hubert G. Holland (JD ’62) of Marietta died May 15. Cecil D. Posey (MS ’62) of Chambersburg, Pa., died July 18, 2011. Crayton Caldwell Coleman (MEd ’63) of Chipley, Fla., died May 24. Malone Coursey Harp (BSEd ’63) of Atlanta died June 2. Kermit Jeffers (MEd ’63, EdS ’83) of Winterville died May 23. Irvin A. “Lew” Lewis (BSPh ’63) of Nashville, Tenn., died Sept. 21, 2011. Robert Hemphill (AB ’64) of Covington Township, Pa., died April 22.


Joseph James Hinds Jr. (BBA ’65) of Barnesville died May 9. James H. Holcomb (MEd ’65) of Gainesville died May 21. Katherine Keenan Sheridan Mulherin (BSEd ’65) of Charleston, S.C., died May 21. Lucille A. Pollard (EdD ’65) of Valdosta died April 20. Charles Jackson “Jack” Tucker (MA ’65, PhD ’73) of Rock Hill, S.C., died May 16. Phillip A. Webb (AB ’65) of Pineville, La., died Aug. 28, 2011. Gilbert Alexander Banks Jr. (JD ’66) of Forsyth died May 28. Afton Day (MEd ’66) of Dawsonville died June 17. Margaret Louise Duncan (BSEd ’66) of Columbus died June 15. Larkin M. Holmes (BBA ’66) of Augusta died April 30. Lettie Odell “Boots” Ashworth (MEd ’67, EdS ’71) of Fayetteville died April 28. Jim G. Coone (MS ’67, PhD ’68) of East Ridge, Tenn., died June 11. Nancy Konigsmark (BSEd ’67) of Smyrna died March 9. Mark Mitchell Silvers Jr. (BBA ’67, JD ’69) of Savannah died April 23. Marian E. Travis (MEd ’67) of Decatur died May 10. George F. Willis (BBA ’67) of Cartersville died May 18. Ralph Allan Alger (BSEd ’68) of Athens died May 30. Aubrey A. Brown (BSF ’68) of Shelby Township, Mich., died Dec. 24. Arthur L. Pollock (BSEd ’68) of Savannah died Sept. 15, 2011. Edward Forest Stringer III (M ’68) of Savannah died June 12. Ron Taylor (ABJ ’68) of Atlanta died May 30. Harold C. Wardlaw (MA ’68) of Atlanta died April 30. William Palmer Bailey (AB ’69, JD ’71) of Calhoun died April 28. Margaret Harmon Hermann (MEd ’69) of Decatur died June 3. Nancy Carol Rheney Newsome (AB ’69) of Monticello died May 9. James “Jim” Morris Rutledge Jr. (BBA ’69, MBA ’71) of East Ridge, Tenn., died April 23. Harry Sneed Steever (BS ’69) of Boscawen, N.H., died Dec. 8.


Rosa C. Adams (MEd ’70, EdS ’73) of Nicholls died Dec. 13. Vince Booker (BBA ’70) of Chestnut Mountain died May 13. Houston Jerome Deaver (MEd ’70) of Lakeland died April 19. Robert “Bob” H. Hamilton (EdS ’70) of Atlanta died May 15. Howard Adrian Primo (BBA ’70) of Stockbridge died May 8. Roland Samber (MFA ’70) of Albany died Sept. 1, 2011. David B. Shields (MEd ’70) of Waycross died May 27. Amos “Al” Wingate (BBA ’70) of Willacoochee died Sept. 6, 2011. Walter Carson Wood (BBA ’70, MAcc ’71) of Fort Myers, Fla., died April 21. Austin Hill Barnett III (BBA ’71) of Fort Valley died April 26. William B. Estes III (BBA ’71) of Atlanta died May 3. Harry Edward Gentry Jr. (BBA ’71) of Daytona Beach, Fla., died June 10. William Jackson Hutchins (BSA ’71) of Winder died May 12. Frances Bass Lee (EdS ’71) of Decatur died May 2. Sylvain MacRobert Loupe (MBA ’71) of Deridder, La., died Dec. 29. Ila Ruth Mahr (EdD ’71) of Alta, Iowa, died Dec. 27. John R. McPherson (EdS ’71) of Chestnut Mountain died April 27. Wilson Allen Nixon (BSA ’71, MS ’73) of Dayton, Ohio, died Sept. 16, 2011. Abe Attrep (PhD ’72) of Ruston died April 29. Chilton N. Hurst (MEd ’72) of Leesburg, Fla., died Nov. 18. James Ella Mays (MEd ’72) of Washington died April 30. Judson Hawk Simmons (JD ’72) of Atlanta died May 16. Randall Keith Williams (BSA ’72) of Oxford died April 27. Tom Hall Ivey Jr. (MEd ’73) of Macon died June 8. Richard Littlefield Jr. (JD ’73) of Atlanta died April 27. Steven Andrew Mullins (BBA ’73) of Salem, Va., died June 9. Ricky Reed Peterson (BSAE ’73) of Warner Robins died June 8. Sara Rice Sherberger (MS ’73) of Atlanta died May 20. Alfred William “Bill” Steller III (BS ’73) of Spartanburg, S.C., died May 18. Gordon Buchanan (BS ’74) of Evans died June 7. Craig “Sky” Hertwig (M ’74) of Athens died May 30. Donald Walker Zseltray (BLA ’74) of Nashville, Tenn., died Sept. 8, 2011.


John Daniel Bray (ABJ ’75) of Valrico, Fla., died Aug. 18, 2011. Betty Caldwell Carter (AB ’75) of Rome died May 30. James Harvey (BBA ’75) of Jonesboro died April 17. Oren Martin Jones (MEd ’75) of Columbia, S.C., died May 26. Paul Rahn (ABJ ’75, MBA ’78) of Monroe, La., died Oct. 23. G. Larry Bonner (JD ’76) of Scottsboro, Ala., died May 24. Malcolm J. “Mac” Marchman (EdS ’76) of Macon died April 26. Susan B. McIntyre (BSEd ’76) of Vidalia died June 15. John Wayne Spillers (BSPh ’76) of Panama City, Fla., died May 24. Norman Gabriel Oglesby (PhD ’77) of Brasstown, N.C., died Sept. 2, 2011. Robin G. Burton (MEd ’78) of Alpharetta died May 18. John Paul Gill (BBA ’78, MBA ’79) of Ellaville died March 6. Walter Glynn Griffin (DVM ’78) of Waycross died June 12. Robert Clark “Bob” Parker (PhD ’78) of Starkville, Miss., died May 28. Shirley Peters (MEd ’78) of Commerce died May 8. Jim Perry (JD ’79) of Lilburn died April 27.


J. Neal Bagley (BSPh ’80) of East Point died June 15. Beverly Gladys Bassin (EdS ’80) of Madison, Wis., died Oct. 19. Robin Chaney (JD ’80) of Union City died May 4. Zeola Barlow (AB ’81) of Augusta died May 20. Gary E. Hester (MEd ’82) of St. Petersburg, Fla., died Dec. 14. Susan Rawlings Snyder Parsons (M ’82) of Bishop died April 22. Gail Baxter Bonifacious (BFA ’84) of Rocky Face died April 23. Robert Paul Peters Sr. (ABJ ’84) of Snellville died May 11. Elizabeth Stuart Vaeth (AB ’84) of Alpharetta died May 21.


Andrew M. Brown (EdD ’85) of Monticello, Ky., died May 25. Cary W. Hull (BBA ’85) of Buford died April 27. Thelma A. Kibler (EdD ’85) of Organ, N.M., died June 11, 2011. Roberta Jo Pepping (BBA ’86) of Danville, Ill., died May 27. Ellen Leigh Kerr (BFA ’87) of Atlanta died March 24.


Laura Lynn Burnett Young (MS ’90) of Knoxville, Tenn., died April 26. Latwanda Cochene Smith (BSFCS ’93) of Jacksonville, Fla., died July 25, 2011. Johanna Kirven Ankermiller Strickland (BSEd ’94) of Monroe died May 26.


Raymond “Heath” McNutt (AB ’95) of Birmingham, Ala., died Dec. 26.


Melissa Barrett (BS ’04) of Atlanta died May 13.

Richard Cobb Miller Houston (M ’11) of Memphis, Tenn., died Nov. 22.


Alexandra Misner of Johns Creek died April 27.